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10 Best Trial Boss Fights In Elder Scrolls Online


Players of Elder Scrolls Online will have to fight when they face these Trial Bosses.

The Elder Scrolls Online has dungeons with tough bosses that can only be destroyed by groups of players working together, just like other popular MMORPGs. Trials are the hardest kind of quest in The Elder Scrolls Online. They can only be done with a group of twelve players.

Trials are like Raids in World of Warcraft. Each one has between three and six boss fights, and each one has its own rules and obstacles. For the Tanks, Healers, and DPS to win each fight, they need to work together carefully. Some Trial boss fights in The Elder Scrolls Online are really epic and test groups’ planning and ability to work together.

The Serpent – Sanctum Ophidia

The Serpent - Sanctum Ophidia

The Sanctum Ophidia Trial is the highest-rated Trial in the Elder Scrolls Online base game because it has beautiful scenery and great boss fights. The Serpent is the final boss of this Trial. To beat it, players must work together and coordinate well.

The boss’s World Shaper ability forces players to run to either side of the boss at just the right time to avoid taking a lot of damage. The Serpent also has a poison phase that makes medics work hard and an exploding Lamia and Magic Bomb that can put the group in danger if they are not dealt with well. The Serpent is a fun boss to fight because of all of these things.

Turlassil And Lylanar – Dreadsail Reef

Turlassil And Lylanar - Dreadsail Reef

Turlassil and Lylanar are the first bosses you’ll fight in the Dreadsail Reef Trial. This boss fight is interesting because players have to turn on two domes, one of fire and one of ice, and make sure that the opposite dome is always over the boss. These domes also need to be moved around every once in a while, because if they touch, they will burst.

As with other powerful bosses, the party will need to work together and talk to each other in order to beat the bosses and not die in the process.

The Reef Guardian – Dreadsail Reef


The Reef Guardian is the second boss in the Dreadsail Reef Trial. Reef Guardian splits into two medium-sized copies and two small-sized copies, which players must deal with. At some point, the Reef Guardian becomes resistant, and a DPS needs to go down one of six holes to destroy the Reef Heart for the fight to continue.

Because of this nice change, the fight against the Reef Guardian boss is always interesting and never gets boring.

Saint Olms – Asylum Sanctorium

Saint Olms - Asylum Sanctorium

In the Asylum Sanctorium Trial, players fight three “Saints” bosses, with Saint Olms being the last one. The key to beating this tough boss is for everyone to work together. The boss jumps from one side of the room to the other, so players need to stay in order. Saint Olms also has a lighting system that can go wrong if everyone isn’t in their right place.

Even though fighting this artificial dragon might get a little boring, if anyone slips up and loses their place, it’s game over for everyone.

Vashai And Skinra – Maw Of Lorkhaj

Vashai And Skinra - Maw Of Lorkhaj

Vashai and Skinra, who are also called “The Twins,” are the bosses you have to beat in the second boss fight for the Maw of Lorkhaj Trial. For this boss fight, players must pair up and fight two bosses, each of which has a different color, either blue or yellow.

This fight is fun and interesting because players (who are given either blue or yellow) can only really hurt a boss that is the opposite color. At some point, the colors switch, and some people have to switch sides. This feature alone keeps players interested and makes the boss fight fun.

Rakkhat – Maw Of Lorkhaj

Rakkhat - Maw Of Lorkhaj

Rakkhat is the boss at the end of the Maw of Lorkhaj Trial. Fighting him is just as hard as fighting “The Twins.” There are eight pads, and when the Tank stands on one, it gets a bonus.The Tank’s job is to follow the boss as Rakkhat moves from one pad to the next in a clockwise direction.

This is a key part of beating Rakkhat, and the fight could be lost if players who aren’t meant to stand on the pad do so. Adding these pads to the boss fight makes it more interesting and puts the team to the test.

Pinnacle Factotum – Halls Of Fabrication

Pinnacle Factotum - Halls Of Fabrication

The fight against Pinnacle Factotum, the second boss in the Halls of Fabrication Trial, starts almost as soon as the first boss fight is over. At some point in the fight, four players will need to move upstairs and destroy four spheres. For the fight to go on, these four people must also use synergy at the exact same time.

Even though it seems easy, if the team doesn’t work well together, this can go badly wrong. So, the Pinnacle Factotum boss fight is another way for Trial sides to have to work together.

Reassembly Committee – Halls Of Fabrication

Reassembly Committee - Halls Of Fabrication

The Reassembly Committee is the final boss of the Halls of Fabrication Trial. It is a long boss fight. The team needs to work together to get through the mechanical hall, focused on different parts at different times. So, each person needs to know exactly what to do at each time.

To throw a wrench in the works, if a player dies, a copy of them will come back as an enemy of the same class, which the rest of the team has to deal with. So, this Trial tests both the Trial as a whole and each player on their own.

Lokkestiiz – Sunspire

Lokkestiiz - Sunspire

Sunspire is the Trial that most people think is the best in The Elder Scrolls Online. In this Trial, players fight three dragon bosses, starting with Lokkestiiz. This boss fight needs some sacrifices from a few players so that the whole team doesn’t take a lot of damage. It also puts a lot of responsibility on the Healers.

This fight also has three big waves of enemies that come when the boss’s health gets a certain percentage. This boss fight is hard in every way, and especially on hard mode, it’s a long battle.

Nahviintaas, The Gold Dragon – Sunspire

Nahviintaas, The Gold Dragon - Sunspire

The Gold Dragon is the boss at the end of the Sunspire Trial, and it’s a great fight. Aside from looking great, there are three stages where a portal will open and some players will have to go to a different world to fight a different enemy. Here, Happy Wheels is a game of survival for the people who are still fighting Nahviintaas.

There are only 90 seconds to kill the snake in the portal, and if the party fails, they will lose everything. Trial groups will be pushed in every way, from their skills to their ability to work together.

Right now, you can play Elder Scrolls Online on PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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