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10 Best Two-Handed Weapon Skills In Elder Scrolls Online


In Elder Scrolls Online, two-handed weapons are just one of many options. These are the best weapon skills to use with them.

There are many types of weapon specializations in The Elder Scrolls Online, such as the two-handed weapon skill line.It includes types of weapons like mauls, great swords, and battle-axes, which are mostly used for fighting in video games. Also, in The Elder Scrolls Online, players must kill an opponent with any two-handed weapon before they can select and use any weapon from the skill line.

These guns are different from others because they already have features that hurt enemies a lot. They are separated into passive skills, active skills, and ultimate skills, which makes The Elder Scrolls Online a better game. Also, players who like to fight head-on will like using two-handed weapons, especially if they are good at it.

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