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5 Gorgeous Engagement Bangle Designs!

5 Gorgeous Engagement Bangle Designs!

Are you a fashionable lady who maintains your sense of style while wearing jewellery with traditional roots? Then Swarajshop has you covered completely. Our incredibly popular, handmade engagement bracelet designs will leave you speechless and yet wanting more.

Let’s look at some gorgeous bracelet designs for your special event now!

1. A set of bangles with gold filigree.

This option would suit those who enjoy giving themselves a bit additional oomph. A set of gold bangles with filigree intricacies! that may be opened for a more secure fit on your sensitive wrists.

As you can see, it’s a classic design with a unique twist. Imagine yourself as a bride, a bridesmaid, or a partygoer. wearing these lightweight engagement bangle designs on your mehendi-covered hands! What a lovely mixture it will be!

2.Beautiful Gold Floral Bangle Set

It has meticulously crafted flower arrangements with a gold plating, as the name would imply. Additionally, we strongly recommend this monochrome gold flower bracelet set for your engagement if you don’t want to explore on your special day.

We would definitely support adding a little kaleerien to these engagement bangles designs!

screw lock and made of synthetic stones for a flexible and secure fit on your tender wrists. To further improve its style and prominence, it calls your name!

3. Stunning Ruby and Kundan Bangle Set

With these wonderful engagement bracelet designs, we can enhance your appearance. Along with other stones, it includes synthetic kundan. Fashionable Indian ladies adore and wear this bangle set for engagement, which has the finest craftsmanship and gold plating.

By enhancing your appearance and donning you in an excellent colour scheme, you will undoubtedly receive more praises than ever before. Including a unique charm to your engagement bangle designs.

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4. Set of round pearl and gold paheli bracelets

Our circular pearl bangles with gold pacheli is an eccentric design that exudes elegance from every perspective. Please consider the style and colour of your dress before choosing one of these stunning bracelet designs for an engagement.

Whether the colours of the clothing and the bangles complement, conflict, or have a somewhat harmonic relationship. Instead of covering you in more sparkle and glimmer, let your signature item stand alone.


5.Beautiful antique gold bangle set

Once you put it on, you wouldn’t take it off. Instead of making all of your bracelets the same, it gives them variation. With their gold plating and charming spike design, these engagement bracelets are mesmerising.

Why not now? Get these adjustable-size antique elegance bangles in matte, glossy, and gloss finishes.Additionally, these are lighter and have a wider gap between them and your wrists.

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Additionally, keep in mind that, as frequently said by fashion experts, less is more during engagements and weddings. Instead of your wedding dress or other accessories, the attention should be on you. If they do, it should be to highlight your charisma and demeanour in general!

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