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5 Online Resources Similar To The Equation Solver

Students have always been plagued by the need to score high grades in their equation assignments at all times. Otherwise, any paper below a B might end up affecting your final GPA negatively.

According to statistics from Spring 2020, a school in New Mexico reports that almost 79 per cent of students failed in at least one class. Meanwhile, Austin schools also show alarming statistics where the class failure rate jumped 70 per cent between October 2019 and October 2020.

Furthermore, studies show that students are scrambling to find online help to improve their grades. While the option to hire professional assignment tutors online exists for those that can afford them, it is not a viable option for many. Hence, it naturally gives rise to the following question:

How do you score high grades without depending on an online assignment tutor?

The answer is pretty simple.

With the growing access to the internet, these students can quickly find resources that can help them write high-quality papers without spending their money on assignment writers.

For example, mid-2020 saw an increased demand for the online equation solver tool that helped students struggling in mathematics to complete their assignments perfectly. It provided them with an alternative to pulling all-nighters to ensure every equation was perfect.

Hence, let’s look at some other tools that can be equally helpful.


5 Online Resources To Make Your Assignment Stand Out

If you dig through the most searched terms that students look up when working on their assignments, you’re most likely to across something like:

“How to fix all spellings at once?”

“What is the best equation solver?”

“Check the quality of  do my assignment paper.”

“How do I know if my paper contains plagiarism?”

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such questions when you can depend on free online resources to help you out. On that note, let’s have a look at the most popular tools that can help you submit a high-quality paper.

  1. Plagiarism-checking tools

All academic institutions are extremely strict about plagiarism. Therefore, you need to be careful that your paper does not contain any plagiarised content. As this can be challenging to do by yourself, many online resources like,, and can help you out. When you run your paper through these tools, they can immediately detect the plagiarised sections and help you rectify them.

  1. Paraphrasing tools

Paraphrasing is an art of writing where you use your words to express the ideas of another author. Most students who believe paraphrasing includes nothing more than changing a few words end up with low grades in all their papers.

In light of the confusion, you can find a perfect solution with online paraphrasing tools like, and They can help detect any section of your paper that requires modification and provide you with perfectly paraphrased writing.

  1. Proofreading tools

Usually, you would be in a hurry when working on your papers, making it impossible to check for errors immediately. However, even after going through the writing a few times, you cannot guarantee it is entirely error-free. Therefore, it is best to use proofreading tools like, and to ensure that your paper does not contain any spelling or grammatical errors.

  1. Chemical equation balancers

For chemistry students, balancing equations have always been a challenging task. However, this is a vital step in any assignment as an unbalanced equation does not follow the fundamental law of conservation of mass. Hence, if you’re troubled by atoms and molecules like many others, you can always get help from, and to balance any equation you need.

  1. Word counter tools

Every assignment has a specific word count that you have to maintain. Therefore, a word counter tool like and helps you keep track of the words you write, so you don’t overshoot or write too little. In addition, they also provide suggestions to improve your writing and checks your spelling to reduce errors.

Such tools can always ensure that your assignments are as close to perfection as possible. Just like an accurate equations solver, these resources are every student’s perfect assistant.

Disadvantages Of Using Online Resources

While the free tools that you use can be helpful, you need to ensure that you don’t become too dependent on them in the long run. Some common disadvantages that you might come across are:

  1. The free versions are not too dependable

While the free resources are available to all students without paying a single dollar, they cannot give complex solutions accurately. Hence, if you become too dependent on such tools, it might harm your assignment quality instead of improving it.

  1. Inconsistent updates

Free resources usually do not undergo regular updates. Hence, you might have trouble getting the best results for your assignments unless they are updated with the latest software.

Advantages Of Using Online Resources

Despite some disadvantages, there is no doubt that these tools are crucial for those who cannot afford professional assignment writers. Moreover, even if you wish to upgrade to the paid version, it is a significantly cheaper option than hiring experts whenever you face any challenge with your papers.

Furthermore, it also allows you to work on your papers independently, ensuring that you learn from your mistakes and improve from them. Finally, once you have used these tools enough, you can recognise the errors you make and work to rectify them in the future.

Summing it up,

The advancement of technology has made it possible for students to find innovative ways of improving their assignments. While some hire professional writers, others depend on online tools to make their writing stand out from the crowd. Taking the help of the five resources mentioned in this blog, you can easily ensure a better grade than the average.

Author bio:

Jonathan Hope is a professional blogger and academic expert currently freelancing with multiple top assignment help companies in the UK. He has spent a good portion of his years studying the educational sector and writes intriguing insights into the changes that have come about in recent years. Hope is also an enthusiastic basketball player and has won many championships in his youth.


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