7 Best Custom Packaging Design Trends That Will Rule In 2023

Custom Packaging

Having a great product can get you started, but to make customers fall in love with your brand and become loyal buyers requires going above and beyond.  If you want a buyer to be so intrigued by the packing of your product that they can’t resist making the purchase, then you need to spice up your custom packaging design.

Packaging is not just a plain necessity to keep your products safe. It’s also a fun and exciting way to show off your brand values, tell your unique story, and delight your customers. But packaging is not something you can set and forget. It’s always changing and adapting to new trends and customer tastes. That’s why you need to keep an eye on the latest and trendy designs so that you don’t miss out on your chance to elevate your sales.

In this article, we will take you through some creative design trends that will rule the market in the next few years. You should be aware of them and try a few for your next project. These ideas will help you curate wonderful Custom Packaging that will wow your customers and your products pop and fly off the shelves.

1.   Vibrant Ingredients Illustrations:

One of the most popular packaging design trends for 2023 is to display the ingredients used in the product. You can use a variety of colors to illustrate them in a bright and fun style. This trend reflects the growing demand for transparency and honesty in the food and beverage industry, as well as the desire for playful and colorful designs that evoke childhood memories and wholesome vibes.

When you point out the ingredients, it not only informs customers about what they’re buying but also shapes their trust in you. It also adds to the appeal of the product with a fresh and juicy pop of colors and artwork.

2.   Tangible Finish:

Target the senses of your patrons with a tangible finish in 2023. Add texture to your box and give it the feel of silk. The feel of your package can enhance the value of the product inside as well as create a more sensory experience for them. A tangible finish can convey the right message for your brand, such as luxury, minimalism, or eco-friendliness.

Custom Packaging

Creating textured packages is easy with methods like embossing and debossing which raise or lower design elements, using die-cuts for intricate patterns, or even adding metallic shine with foil printing.  These techniques are useful in making your packaging more visually attractive and unique compared to others. Your custom packaging design can benefit from these practices that create contrast, depth, and focus.

3.   Circling Patterns:

To craft a striking and dynamic packaging design, the use of circling patterns may prove effective. Covering the entire surface of your package with the same motifs can create a seamless and consistent look. It further can add uniqueness and interest, while also reinforcing your brand identity and style.

Product type and target audience determine whether wrap-around patterns will be geometric, organic, abstract, or realistic in design. To produce a balance between contrasting elements on your packaging, use different colors, shapes, and sizes.

4.   Scribbled Typography:

If you want to give your packaging design a more personal and authentic touch while also adding creative expression, try using typeface variations. The scribbling on your package can convey different emotions and tones, such as fun, casual, edgy, or rebellious. It can be used as the main feature or an accent of the details.

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In any packaging design project, typography holds an essential role as it effectively conveys important details like your brand name, product information, and marketing message. Typography can be exciting and informal.   Handwritten-look typography is predicted to be one of the most sought-after packaging design trends for 2023.

5.   Use of Mascots’:

A thrilling and innovative trend in custom packaging design for 2023 is the use of mascots, which bring a fun aspect to products. Mascots are any kind of symbol or character display that you use to represent your brand, like Tony the Tiger. They can help you foster an emotional connection with customers and put yourself apart in a creative way.

You can also change their look for different products and make them fascinating. Your mascots can be altered to match different seasons, flavors, occasions, and audiences.

6.   Comic Appeal:

Comic Appeal refers to attracting customers with hand-drawn illustrations on the packaging. With their simplistic yet endearing shapes, lines, and facial expressions that resemble those drawn by hand. Comic-style wrapping can set you apart from other forms.

Custom-made designs can well depict your product’s mascot, ingredients, or customers by adding cartoon charm. One can employ it for generating a narrative or setting that connects with their brand or product as well. Make your packaging endearing and approachable with a personal touch that can render it both more memorable and unique.

Custom Packaging

7.   Product Visuals with a Creative Twist:

To add a creative touch to your packaging design and exhibit your product, try adding unique twists to its visuals of it. Creative twists added to product visuals refer to artistic adoptions made to the images of products.

To make your packaging more compelling and informative, consider including creatively designed product visuals that add an interesting twist.   By using different creative techniques like optical illusions and transitions in your product visuals you can make them more interesting and engaging.


Custom packaging design is a powerful way to showcase your brand and products in 2023. By following these eight trends, you can create stunning and effective packaging that will attract customers’ attention, create memorable experiences, and increase sales.

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