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A Comprehensive Hiking Guide for First Timers

women’s hiking boots

If this summer you want to pick up a hobby that is a bit different than playing golf or painting and want to challenge your physical fitness to the next level then hiking will be a very good option for you.

Though it can be a bit intimidating for beginners, if you use the best women’s hiking boots and put in the necessary skills required for hiking then it can be extremely fun and therapeutic. Moreover, it is also the best way to escape the city crowd and disconnect yourself from the maze of technology and social media.

There are many parts to this beneficial outdoor activity, from picking the right trail to following the correct fitness regime to picking the essential equipment, there is genuinely a lot to it. Let’s discuss each aspect one by one.

Picking the right trail

As you are just starting off your hiking journey, it will be best to pick a hiking trail that is comparatively easier than others. It is true that with the right kind of hiking boots in NZ, any trail can become comparatively easier but it is still extremely essential to pick up a hiking trail that is not very steep or rocky and is suitable for beginners.

A hiking trail with a maximum of 5 miles of elevation gain will be appropriate for beginners and choose a hike that will have less than 250 feet of elevation gains per mile, especially if you are someone who is into running or walking.

Some things that are extremely important for every beginner hiker to keep in mind when it comes to picking the hiking are listed below.

  • Dwell in thorough research about the seasonal constraints of the hiking place before finalizing it.
  • Even though you are going in the summer season, still check the weather of the place before you set out on your journey.
  • Make sure you have more than enough time to complete the hike before the sun sets.
  • Gain knowledge about the permits and logistics of the hiking trail.
  • Make sure the place has proper parking spaces for your vehicle.

Essential hiking equipment

Apart from the will to go on hikes, hiking equipment is the most thing when it comes to hiking. So here’s a list of hiking equipment that should be in the backpack of every hiker.

  • Compass – You may think that what is the role of a physical compass in the day and age of new-age technology. But it is essential to remember that there can be instances on your hiking trail where you will lack to have any network on your phone and it is situations like this when a compass will come in very handy.
  • Hiking boots – Hiking boots are the first and foremost thing that you should shop for the very moment when you decide to go on your first hiking trip. Good quality womens hiking boots will help you have a proper grip while you walk through the trail and will ultimately help you in having a fruitful hiking adventure.
  • Sun Protection – Be it a summer hike or winter, proper sun protection is an absolute must when it comes to walking and running in outdoor areas for long hours. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a sun hat with you when you start your hike.
  • Tent – You can choose to stay in cottages which nowadays can be seen around many hiking trails but the real fun of hiking is in spending the night inside tents and getting the real feel of nature. A tent will not only be cost-effective in the long run but will also protect you from insects, mosquitos, and weather disturbances. So get one thing very clear, tents are as important as hiking boots, and hiking without tents is a big NO-NO.
  • Knife – A small pocket knife can come in very handy when you are out in nature and spending your days and nights amongst trees, plants, and unknown dangers. A knife will help you in making your way through the trail to cut any branches or plants as well as it will also be great for making any repairs.
  • First aid kit – Being so close and open to nature can potentially invite many injuries, from swelling and blisters due to excess walking to cuts and bruises. Anything can happen when you choose to go on an expedition in nature. Hence, a first aid kit becomes one of the most important hiking equipment after hiking boots in NZ, which should not be omitted from the hiking packing list at any cost.
  • Extras of everything – Carrying an extra of everything is the key to having a fruitful hiking experience. From food to water and from clothes to medicines, carrying extra supplies of everything can come in very handy as you will be spending your days and nights in a faraway place devoid of convenient stores.

Following a proper fitness routine

Getting ready for your first hike doesn’t mean that you will have to spend hours in the gym, it just means following a simple daily fitness routine to make sure that your body will be able to withstand the physical pressure of walking and running for miles in the sun. Follow these simple easy tips to get started.

  • Cardio is the key to improving your endurance for hiking trails, so go for long walks and runs every day at least for two months before your hiking trip.
  • Build your core muscles and lower body strength by following strength training.
  • Regularly practice yoga and meditation as it will help in improving your breathing.
  • Go on trial hikes before D-day, it will help you be prepared for walking for long miles.

Final Takeaway

If you are an individual who is torn between participating in a hiking trip and feeling intimated by the unknown challenges that it has to offer then you can give a good read to this post as it will be quite effective in making you feel prepared. From buying the best womens hiking boots to carrying the necessary hiking equipment, you will get a clear idea about all the aspects of camping.

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