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        A quick travel guide for “Har Ki Dun Trek with Camping 2021

Har Ki Dun

The Govind Pashu National Park, which lies in the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand, a northern Indian state, contains the Har ki Dun Valley. There are various camping options available on this hike. So gladly take in this place’s splendor.

The stunning village of Sankari serves as the starting point for the 6-day hike. Sankari -> Taluka (along the rivers Rupin and Supin) -> Osla -> Har ki Dun is the usual trek route. The hike offers magnificent vistas of snow-covered glaciers, dancing rivers, Bandarpunch Peak, and the Swargarohini Peak, which is the most stunning. It will be an incredible and unforgettable sight. You can also take a little detour to the Marinda Taal from Har ki Dun Trek.

A stunning natural lake, Mainda Tal is located 4 kilometers from Har ki Dun at a high altitude. Also, exploring this close location might be the best course of action. The white-capped Swargarohini Peak is one of the trek’s top highlights. The phrase Swargarohini, which means “to rise to heaven,” is made up of the two words Swarga and Rohini. The Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata are said to have entered heaven from this location. If you go to Satopanth Lake in Badrinath, you can hear the same tale spoken.


How to Reach?

By Air-Around 240 kilometers separate Sankari from the closest airport. Several airports in India can be reached easily from Jollygrant Airport. As a result, you can board any flight arriving at Dehradun’s Jollygrant airport. You can easily get a taxi or cab from the airport after you arrive to get to Sankari or Purola.

By Bus-Sankari has excellent connections to the main Garhwal tourist attractions, including Dehradun, Mussoorie, Purola, etc. You can catch a bus from Uttarakhand Transport at ISBT Delhi or Kashmiri Gate in Delhi to get to Dehradun. You may quickly and simply take a bus to Purola and Sankari after arriving in Dehradun.

By Train-The Dehradun train station is the one that is closest to Sankari. which is located about 200 km from Sankari. The Uttarakhand Transport bus may be found close to the exit gate as you leave the train station.


Best Time to Visit

One such hike that may be completed in both the summer and the winter is Har Ki Dun. The allure of the place seems to change with the seasons. While the valleys and mountains are covered in greenery in the summer, they are covered in a white blanket of snow in the winter. The area boasts a refreshing climate that is calming to the mind. You can therefore visit Har Ki Dun at any time between October and May to take in the natural splendor. Har Ki Dun is a part of the Govind National Park, which is closed for the monsoon season. Thus, Its restricts visitor admission from July until early September.


Safety Level

If you are traveling with a reliable trekking crew, which you should know before making your own reservations, the trip is a safe one. It is crucial that you understand whether the bow trekking group we are traveling with is legitimate. And if at all possible, go trekking in Uttarakhand with a local group so that you may provide the same assistance continuously. then your trek could be fantastic and unforgettable. Its trekkers must be at least 8 years old and no older than 65. The rest is up to your level of fitness.


Weather conditions 

The time of year when hikers are traveling affects the weather. Since the weather on the Har Ki Dun walk is unpredictable, you should pack clothing appropriate for the season you intend to visit. If at all feasible, please let us know.


Many treks are undertaken along this path, including those to Bali Pass, Borasu Pass, Dhumdhar Kandi Pass, Maldaru Lake, Bainya Top, Black Peak Expedition, Swargarohini Peak Expedition, and Ruinsara Tal. Visitors arrive here throughout the year. Continually exist. The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National Park includes the Har Ki Dun Trail. The Himalayas are unquestionably beautiful, have a brisk climate, and feature lovely, practical green meadows. What could possibly be better than spending a few days here in peace and quiet? The most popular trek in the Garhwal Mountains is Har Ki Dun. The Har Ki Dun walk is 3600 meters in elevation. Starting points for this walk are Taluka, the last road stop, and Sankri, A Little Paradise. This path of the Har ki Dun trip passes through four Himalayan villages. The Har ki Dun walk is quite well-known throughout the world, not only in India.


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