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Campaigns Google Adwords

When companies want to advertise on the internet, they have many ways to do it, but there are two ways to approach it, one approach would be the so-called SEO positioning , advertise constantly, effectively over time and much cheaper than pay per click ( PPC), keeping your company in the top positions of the most important search engines with which a higher quality of visits is achieved since there are Internet users who are reluctant to click on ads, the other is more immediate, which is SEM positioning, in which pay per click on your ad, varying the price of each click by auction and ad quality score, would typically be ads placed on the top and side of Google.

Google Ads

The ads appear on the right side and at the top of the search results on Google. This is the typical one that everyone knows.

Google AdWords Display

They are ads on a wide network of sites that Google has associated. These are high-impact advertising spaces in which PPC is also paid, and in which Google pays an amount to the domain that offers its advertising space for this purpose.

Google AdWords Mobile

It is a campaign very similar to Google AdWords Search as it is also applied to search engines only, but focused on mobile applications. They have advertising available for cell phones and tablets, either in text, image or Rich Media format.

Google AdWords Videos

Through an agreement between YouTube and Google, it is possible to acquire advertisements in text, image and Rich Media ads for YouTube videos. Through the Google tool it is possible to customize the destination of the videos in which you want your advertising to appear, which helps to make proper use of the advertising campaign.

Facebook Ads

Thanks to an agreement between Google and Facebook, it is possible to generate advertising campaigns through Facebook through ads with images and text, which are published on the right side of all Facebook content. The tool itself searches for potential customers depending on the sector in which your advertising campaign is focused, looking for users with a possible interest in your website.

Facebook Fan Page

Obtaining a good design and in combination with Facebook ads it is possible to drastically increase the number of Fans of your page, making you known and with the possibility of obtaining potential clients.

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