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Battersea Dry Cleaners: A Complete Resource for London’s Busy Professionals

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Do you feel that doing Battersea Dry Cleaners is a never-ending burden? Do you long for a service where you can leave your dirty laundry and return to find it freshly laundered? Fortunately, Battersea is home to some of London’s finest dry cleaners. In this thorough guide, we’ll examine the services, rates, and customer reviews of dry cleaners in the Battersea area.

What Services Do Dry Cleaners in Battersea Offer?

There is a wide variety of laundry services available at Battersea dry cleaners. Among the most often requested services are:

Laundry Service

The term “dry cleaning” refers to the method of cleaning garments without the use of water. Instead, a chemical solvent is used to clean the cloth and eliminate the stains and debris. Battersea dry cleaners use cutting-edge technology and use skilled workers to return your garments in pristine condition.

Ironing and Laundry

Laundry services are perfect for those who prefer a more conventional method of cleaning their garments. The majority of Battersea’s dry cleaners also provide laundry and pressing services.

Modifications and Maintenance

Battersea has a number of dry cleaners that also provide alterations and repairs. The knowledgeable team can make any necessary alterations to your clothing, including shortening, lengthening, and taking in.

Just how Much Do Things Cost?

When deciding on a dry cleaner, cost is a major element to think about. The good news is that dry cleaner in the Battersea area provide reasonable rates. Service fees, fabric selection, and required maintenance can also affect final costs.

Laundry services start at £2.50 per kilogram, while dry cleaning a suit might cost anywhere from £12 to £30. Costs associated with making changes or making repairs depend on the nature of the work being done.

Feedback From Customers: What Do They Think?

You should listen to what other people have to say about the dry cleaner you decide to use. Thankfully, there are numerous websites where you may get feedback left by actual clients. Some of the most visited sites are listed below.

Reviews from Google

You may learn a lot about the quality of a dry cleaner by reading their reviews on Google. Customers of Battersea dry cleaners give them an average of 4.5 stars on Google, citing the high quality of service, reasonable costs, and helpfulness of the employees.


Yelp is yet another well-known platform for consumer feedback. On Yelp, users have given the dry cleaners in the neighborhood of Battersea an average rating of 4 stars, complimenting the businesses for their punctuality and thoroughness.


Trustpilot is a platform dedicated to publishing user feedback. Battersea dry cleaner have an average Trustpilot rating of 4.6 stars because to rave reviews of their friendly staff and impeccable service.

Questions & Answers

An average suit takes around this long to dry clean.

The answer to your question is A: It depends on the dry cleaner. It usually takes between two and three days.

Is it possible to take fragile items to a dry cleaning in Battersea?

The vast majority of dry cleaner in Battersea will be able to handle cleaning silk, satin, and lace with ease.

When taking items to the dry cleaners, is it necessary to sort them?

If you’re taking items to the dry cleaners, there’s no need to sort them first. Staff members will assist you with it.

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