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EZDERM – An EHR and PMS Solution For Dermatology Practices

EZDERM is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that has been developed specifically for dermatological practices. It provides physicians with a complete toolkit for documenting patient encounters, including 3D Body Maps. It is a cloud-based software that supports mobility and can be accessed via any iPad or iMac device.

EZDERM is currently sold to dermatologists as a subscription service that uses Apple’s Siri voice-recognition technology. Prodanovich says he wants to expand it into other medical specialties, but that will take time.

EZDERM is a cloud-based software

EZDERM is an EHR and PMS software solution that is specifically tailored to dermatological practices. It features 3D body maps, flexible documentation and image comparison. It also helps physicians track patient issues. The system also supports a variety of MIPS and MACRA measures.

The software has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. Its support staff is very responsive and helpful with training new users. It is also very easy to track practice growth and manage patient accounts.

The dermatology software market is segmented by type (On-Premise, Cloud-Based) and by application (Hospital, Clinic, Other). Some of the major players in this market include NexTech Systems, Kareo, MDeverywhere, Henry Schein, 4S Information Systems, and MetaOptima Technology. The report provides a detailed analysis of the market with key drivers, challenges, and opportunities. It also includes a competitive analysis of the key vendors. The report concludes with a forecast of the market trends in the future.

It is easy to use

EZDERM is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution designed for doctors and patients in the dermatological field. It is mobile and accessible on any connected iPad or Mac-supported device. The software offers features like 3D body maps, progress note tool and image comparison capability. It is also HIPPA compliant, ICD-10 ready and ONC-ACB certified.

ezDERM’s comprehensive product line includes an EHR, practice management system, patient portal and check-in app. The vendor’s pricing structure includes a mix of one-time and ongoing fees, depending on the plan selected.

EZDERM is an easy-to-use, cloud-based medical software system for the treatment of partial-thickness burns. It reduces pain, swelling and fluid loss in injured patients. It is effective in preventing infection and is a useful substitute for skin grafts. It is especially helpful in reducing complications of diabetic wounds, chronic vascular ulcers and hypertrophic scarring. EZDERM can also be used as a temporary cover prior to autografting and as a protective covering over meshed autografts.

It is affordable

Ezderm is an affordable cloud-based solution that comes with many useful features. These include 3D body maps, flexible documentation and image comparison. It also offers a patient portal and is HIPPA compliant. EZDERM is easy to use, and its customer support team is friendly and helpful.

Before buying a business application, find out if the vendor provides online support and how much it costs. You should also be interested in learning how often the software is updated and what kind of upgrades it has received. If the software isn’t updated regularly, it may not be a good investment for your company.

Ezderm is a dermatology focused EHR system that includes Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management System (PMS), Check-in Kiosk and Patient Portal in one system. Unlike Mod Med, which focuses on multiple specialty areas, EZDERM is specifically designed for Dermatology. It also has an open application programming interface to allow for easy integration with other apps.

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It is customizable


EZDERM is an Electronic Health Record software that’s been specially designed for dermatology practices/settings. The solution offers a full slate of standard EHR functionality including advanced scheduling, automated eligibility checks, billing encounters and claims management tools. In addition, it comes with 3D Body Maps that assist doctors in documenting patient visits visually using over 3,000 anatomical locations.

The EZDERM system is highly customizable. It allows you to create custom fields, and customize a variety of workflows and reporting templates. The EZDERM team is always available to answer questions and to assist with implementation. They also offer a variety of training resources.

Another advantage of EZDERM is its pharmacy geolocation module, which makes it easy for patients to locate pharmacies in a digital map. This feature is particularly helpful for patients with limited mobility. It’s also possible to send appointment reminders via email or text. EZDERM also offers a patient portal.

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