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How To Design Custom Fish N Chips Boxes

How To Design Custom Fish N Chips Boxes

Every food related business aspires to present its food products fresh and hot. The fish and chips businesses have to pay a bit more attention because these foods lose taste when cold.  Custom fish n chips boxes are the best option to pack fish and chips. 

Packaging is an important factor in every fast food business. It is required to keep the original texture of the food intact. Additionally, custom chip and fish boxes give a splendid presentation to the fish and chips that attracts customers. 

Customization of food packaging is the best way to get ideal custom packaging according to the requirement of fast food. You can design the box to give it a special look that can differentiate your food boxes from other restaurants. 

Why  Custom Fish N Chips Boxes? 

In recent times, the customization of boxes is getting popular. This is because customization of packaging gives the companies the complete authority to select the specifications of their box as per the exact requirements of the company. 

When it comes to food manufacturing areas, packaging is crucial. This is because here the purpose of packaging is not only serving presentation purposes but the facilitation of customers. The right  custom chips box will keep the food fresh. 

Restaurants know what are the packaging requirements of their product. With customization, they can choose the best material and perfect design for their custom printed fast food boxes. Therefore, restaurants now prefer custom boxes for their food products. 

How To Design Ideal Packaging? 

 Fish and chips boxes wholesale can be designed in multiple ways. The first step is to identify the audience’s preference. You should consider the age group while designing food boxes. For adults, the packaging requirements would be different from that of children. 

After this, you can start designing the food packaging. Below are some of the tips mentioned for the packaging boxes in chronological order.


Material selection for fish and chips boxes is  of prime importance because high quality material keeps the product secure during transit. An inferior packaging will not only fail to protect the food but also give a poor impression about your brand. 

Similarly, the packaging should be eco-friendly. It will reduce carbon footprints in the environment. This packaging is durable so your chips will remain crispy. Climate-conscious individuals will prefer your restaurant over others and your product sales will increase. 

In addition to this, the custom chip and custom boxes should be made of food-grade material. A food-grade material is one that does not contain any harmful chemicals that can impact human health negatively. 

There are three types of raw materials available that are eco-friendly, food-grade, and durable, namely kraft, cardstock, and corrugated material. 

  1. Kraft: It is naturally brown paper that is made of softwood fiber. It is durable and keeps fast food fresh. 
  2. Cardstock: This material is thicker than cardstock and is best to keep the food warm.
  3. Corrugated: This is a fluted paper that gives the  custom chips box a firm look and keeps it pressure resistant. 

Box Shape And Size 

If you want to give your boxes a unique look then use a non-traditional type of packaging. The box can be in the form of a boat, fish, or any unique shape that can attract customers and increase your customer turnout. 

Correspondingly, the size of your  fish and chips boxes wholesale should be perfect for your fish food. Otherwise, your fast food will constantly joggle in the box and lose its shape. 

Box Design And Printing 

Box designing and printing should portray your brand’s standards. You can select unique artwork to make your boxes eye-catching and elegant. There are different types of printing techniques available that can help you print different artwork on the box. 

You can print your restaurant’s logo and contact information for marketing purposes. The logo will increase your brand’s familiarity with other customers and help you grow your business. 


Custom fish n Chips boxes are tailored to keep the freshness of fish and chips items intact during the delivery and take away orders. With the personalization of boxes, you can select the best of all materials and keep the packaging design in line with your restaurant’s standards. 

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