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How To Know When Your Drain And Sewer Pipes Are Worn Out

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Water damage happens due to many reasons such as broken pipes, heavy rainfall, running taps, etc. This type of damage can cause structural issues in your home that can be irreversible.

If your sewer system is backing up into your home through drains, sinks, toilets, or bathtubs, then it can cause serious issues in your home. So, you should immediately call the plumbing emergency to fix these types of serious plumbing issues.

If you are looking for a trusted San Jose sewage backup cleanup company, then you should contact Resto Pros Inc. Now, lets us understand how you can know if your drain and sewage pipes are worn out.

Signs of worn-out drain and sewer pipes:


Sometimes, your drainage and sewer pipes become old to show worn-out signs. If you have not upgraded your sewer pipes for a long time, then you should understand that there will be worn-out signs.

Most homeowners install pipes that are made of copper, PVC, or galvanized steel. So, you should first check out the lifespan of all these materials from a professional.

If you find your home to be older than the expected lifespan of these materials listed above, then it’s time to replace your old drain and sewer pipes.


If you notice corrosion in your drain pipes, then you should know that it’s time to replace them immediately. Over time, the pipes in your home show signs of corrosion, leaks, clogs, and reduced water flow.

If you notice any discoloration on your pipes, then you should replace the corroded pipes immediately to avoid further water damage in your home.


If you face water leakage in your home, then it is an obvious sign that your sewer and drain pipes are worn out. Sometimes, you might notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, which might be a sign that water is leaking due to worn-out pipes.

If you can hear running water sounds even when the faucets are turned off, then you need to call a professional immediately to get your pipes replaced. Professionals use camera inspection techniques to find out exactly where the pipes need to be replaced.

Low water pressure

You might notice low water pressure in your home due to clogs in the drainage system, leaks, and corroded pipes. If you notice such signs, then call a professional immediately to find out if your pipes are worn out.

They can suggest to you if your pipes need to be replaced or if something else is causing a low water pressure issue in your home.

Unfamiliar noises in the drainage pipes

If you hear banging or whistling sounds from your pipes, then it’s a sign that something is wrong with your drainage or sewer pipes. This noise arises out of different factors such as loose pipes, clogs, and corroded pipes.

If you hear such unfamiliar noises coming from your pipes, you should call a professional plumber to inspect them and replace them immediately if worn out.

Low water quality

Sometimes, water that comes from your taps changes its color, taste, or smell, which indicates that your pipes are worn out and need to be replaced.

You should call a professional plumber who can help determine the cause of the changes in water quality and suggest appropriate solutions to this problem.


Plumbing fixtures in your home often get old and worn out over time, which also need to be replaced before they can cause further damage to your home. They are more susceptible to damage and leaks.

If you find out any worn-out fixtures in your home, then you should immediately replace them with new ones so that they won’t cause any further water damage.

So, we recommend you replace the worn-out showerheads, taps, valves, etc. regularly to ensure your home does not suffer due to water damage in the long run.

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