How to Unlock a Facebook Account?

unlock facebook account

Facebook is a platform that has millions of active users from all across the world, and in order to maintain the privacy of the users, Facebook has a strict security policy that all users need to abide by.

And if you do not follow the rules and policies of Facebook, your Facebook account might get locked, so if you have found yourself caught in this situation and you want to know how to unlock your Facebook account, then this is the perfect blog for you.

However, to get your account back, you will need some sort of information, such as your email address, your phone number, your name, etc.

What Causes the Facebook to Lock Your Facebook Account?

Before moving on to the topic of how to unlock a Facebook account, let’s discuss why Facebook has locked your account.

  1. Every social media platform has its own policies that are not allowed to be violated. If you try to violate any policies, they can either ban you from the platform or lock your account. Just like on Facebook, if you have done any activity that goes against its policy, it can lock your account.
  2. If somebody reported you, then Facebook would not lock your account on a single request. But if there are many people from different communities reporting against you, then Facebook can lock your account.
  3. As we discussed before, Facebook is very concerned about its users’ privacy. So, if Facebook detects any suspicious activity from your account, your account can be locked. 

Recover the Information of Your Account You Have on Facebook 

Here is a possible way that can help you to unlock your temporary Facebook account.

  1. To get the information of your account, you are required to access on your device after which you should hit on forgot password office. 
  2. Now, you should put in the information which was provided to you in this blog such as your phone number, email address, or your full name as well as the form which is in front of you on the screen. 
  3. After putting in all the details, you have to hit on search button your account will be seen in front of you following which you should select the way, using which you want to get the code for recovering your account. 
  4. You can either opt for email or phone number whichever suits you or whichever is comfortable for you and then hit on the continue button. 
  5. A six-digit code will be received by you which you need to put in the required field on the screen to fix Facebook locked me out and hit on the continue button before you move to the next step in this procedure which has been offered to you below. 
  6. A new page will be there on which you should fill in the new password you want after which you should hit on continue button once again. 
  7. After you do this, your password will be changed and you will be able to get access to your account with the help of the new password which you have created just now. 

Final words

We believe that the details which we have offered to you in this blog were helpful for you in getting to find the answers and solutions to unlock Facebook account and fix this problem that you have been facing.

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