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How Do You Play the Card Game Battleship for Beginners?

Battleship Board Game


The battleship board game is a classic game that people of all ages have enjoyed for generations. The game involves two players, each with a game board representing a ship fleet. The game’s goal is to sink every boat owned by your rival before they manage to drop yours. This guide will explain how to play Battleship for beginners, including the rules, setup, and gameplay.


To set up the Battleship Board Game, each player will need a game board, usually a grid of 10×10 squares. The game board is where the players will place their ships and make their attacks. Each player will also need a set of vessels. Which usually includes one aircraft carrier (5 squares), one Battleship (4 yards), two cruisers (3 squares each), two destroyers (2 squares each), and two submarines (1 square each). Each player will place their ships vertically or horizontally on their game board without letting their opponent see their placement.


Once the game is set up, the players will take turns attacking each other’s ships by calling coordinates on their opponent’s game board. For example, a player might say “B4” to indicate that they are attacking the square at the intersection of column B and row 4. If a ship is located in that square. The player will announce “hit” and mark the court on their opponent’s board to indicate that the boat has been hit. If there is no ship in the square. The player will announce “miss” and mark the court with a symbol to indicate that it has been attacked, but there is no ship.

The game’s goal is to sink every ship owned by your rival before they manage to drop yours. When the enemy has hit every square a ship occupies, it is deemed sunk. The winner of the game is the person who falls all of their opponent’s ships first.


To begin the game, the players decide who goes first, usually by flipping a coin or rolling dice. Once the starting player has been determined, they will make their first attack by calling out a coordinate on their opponent’s game board. If they hit a ship, they will mark the square on their opponent’s board and take another turn. If they miss, it will be the other player’s turn to attack.

The players will continue to take turns attacking each other’s ships until one player sinks all of their opponent’s ships. It is essential to track which squares have been attacked and which ships have been hit or sunk to make informed attacks in future turns.

Advanced Strategies:

While the basic rules of Battleship board game are easy to learn, a few strategies can give you an edge over your opponent. For more experienced gamers, here are some pointers:

  • Use the edges and corners of the board: Since ships can be placed horizontally or vertically, the edges and corners are prime locations for hiding larger vessels. Be sure to target these areas early in the game to narrow down where your opponent may have placed their larger ships.
  • Vary your attack patterns: Avoid falling into a predictable way of calling out coordinates on your opponent’s board. 
  • Use the process of elimination: If you hit a ship on your opponent’s board, mark the surrounding squares as well. If you miss, draw the squares around the miss to eliminate those as potential locations for ships. Over time, you can use this information to narrow down where your opponent’s remaining ships might be.
  • Use your smaller ships strategically: Remember your smaller vessels while larger ships are tempting targets. They can be used to create a distraction or to block your opponent from attacking certain areas of the board.
  • Pay attention: Pay attention to your opponent’s guesses and use that information to your advantage. If they are guessing in a particular pattern, try to figure out what that pattern is and use it to your advantage.


  • Salvo Battleship: In this variation, players take turns guessing a set number of coordinates each turn instead of guessing one coordinate at a time. This adds an extra level of strategy to the game. As players must decide which coordinates to assume and how many to guess at once.
  • Targeted Battleship: In this variation, players can target specific ships instead of guessing blindly. For example, a player might think “A1 to A5” to target a craft they suspect is in that area.
  • Time Limit Battleship: In this variation, players have a set amount of time to guess, adding an extra level of urgency and pressure to the game.


The battleship board game is a well-known board game that is simple to learn but may be challenging to master. Beginners can enjoy the game and develop their abilities over time by adhering to the rules and techniques described in this book. Battleship is a fun game for people of all ages to play together because of its straightforward gameplay and competitive atmosphere.

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