Intel passes the 6 GHz standard with its new Core i9 13900KS processor

Intel passes the 6 GHz standard with its new Core i9 13900KS processor

Intel’s fastest processor has just been announced and has already been put on sale: this is the new Intel Core i9 13900KS that will arrive to stand up to AMD.

Intel has not taken much trouble when announcing its new Core i9 13900KS and, is that, this processor that comes with a serial speed of 6 GHz has just been announced on its website. With this in mind we are going to see all the features of this new processor launched by Intel.

The race for speed seems to have taken a lead and now it is Intel that has surpassed AMD. The new Intel Core i9 13900KS is the world’s first processor to reach 6 GHz as standard. Yeah, getting this clock speed is nothing new for mod enthusiasts and we actually saw it just a few weeks ago .

Now the situation is quite different and this is due to having 6 GHz as serial speed. And, although many may think that speed is the only claim, this is not the case. Inside the Intel Core i9 13900KS are the cores divided as follows: 8 high-performance P-Cores along with 16 low-power E-Cores .

The total is 24 cores with 32 execution threads. The consumption that Intel has estimated is a base TDP of 150W and that can reach 235W in case of being in Boost mode . At the level of numbers it is quite surprising, but it does not stop there since it arrives well equipped with support for PCI Express lines and compatible with DDR5 RAM at 5,600 MHz as standard.

The Core I9 13900KS is the new beast from Intel that arrives with 6 GHz speed
This new Intel processor has 36 MB of Smart Cache, 20 PCI Express lines which are divided into 16 PCI Express 5.0 lines and 4 are PCI Express 4.0 . It is compatible with both the latest version of RAM memory and with RAM in DDR4 format at 3,200 MHz. Come on, it is a beast without any doubt.

On a physical level, the type of socket with which it arrives is of the latest model and is the LGA 1700 socket, just like its brothers, the Intel Core i9 13900K/KF, Core i7 13700K/KF and Core i5 13600K/KF . Taking all these characteristics into account, what is to be expected and what happens is that its price will not be for all budgets.

Intel has offered the availability and price of this new Core i9 13900KS , being today, January 12, the date on which it will go on sale and with a price of $699 . At the moment it is not available in any store in Spain, although it should not take long for it to appear by the different official sellers.

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