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online advertising

If you cannot increase your visibility on the internet, there are several efficient ways to achieve it. One of them is with investments in online advertising. Where to create online campaigns.

On the Internet, the only barriers that exist are those of language and accessibility, therefore, advertising is essential due to the amount of influx that the network has daily.

For the company it means a lower cost than printed advertising, since the investment that would have to be made in the modifications of the ads is lower, it can track the interests of consumers depending on the websites they visit and have a closer contact between the business and consumer communicating via email or social media.

From our own website we can send messages and promotions to our potential customers and users who visit our website (using a weekly newsletter so that users get used to receiving news about our startup and the services we offer).

But if you can not increase your visibility on the internet there are several efficient ways to achieve it . One of them is with investments in online advertising.

Search engines offer us several possibilities to invest in online advertising, one of them is the so-called SEM positioning, an acronym for Search Engine Marketing, or better known as Google Adwords, that is, creating ad campaigns on Google and paying a small amount for each click made by users or potential customers.

Ads sponsored by Google Adwords appear in search results, on the top or right side, and on web pages as image, video, or text banners.

With SEM positioning we can increase the traffic of our page through what is known as paid traffic.

Now, we want to know if it is efficient to invest in online advertising such as Google Adwords. Whether you use Adwords to increase sales or to generate sales opportunities, you should analyze the ROI or return on investment and thus see if it is profitable. To make it easier to measure AdWords ROI , we need to track conversions ( How to Track Conversions in Adwords ), that is, the actions you want customers to take on your website after clicking on your advertisement.

The ROI formula ((revenue generated – investment made)/investment made) x 100

Once the conversion tracking in Adwords has been configured, the ROI can be calculated. As a general rule, the value of each conversion must be greater than the cost of this conversion. If so, this means that the company’s investment in Adwords is generating benefits but there are keys to improve ROI in Adwords.

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