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Outsourced innovative business solutions are better business decisions

innovative solutions riyadh

Innovative solutions are made to reorganize your business structure and process so as to accommodate a new strategy which will prove to be a productive and booster tool for your business promotion. A suit of innovative solutions are made and introduce to help business attain a new structured and customized business process which will be effective in driving the innovation. Without finding innovative solutions and putting them in place, your business will keep talking about innovation without effectively executing the plans. If your business is not doing well or you want your products to register more sale you can seek innovative solutions Riyadh and effectively implement them to reap a rich harvest of increased productivity and sales.

Some of the innovative solutions to business can be from the following

  • Corporate services

For business establishments corporate services like generating and supplying workforce, accounting, and legal services required from time to time can be very helpful. Not all business entities have their own exclusive departments of the above mentioned services and a public relation company. Or a consultant can supply the corporate entity with them. Corporate services are not just restricted to big businesses but also businesses that are small and medium that is struggling to increase productivity and revenue. The services for them may include registration of companies with government authorities. Company formation, acquisition or merger of companies, share transfer, liquidation, consultation and renewing legalities.

  • Payroll & GOSI Management

Small businesses may not have an accounts department which will prepare payroll, make statuary and mandatory deductions, calculate net pay and deduct tax etc. for such entities the business solution provider companies are the right source. There is the insurance coverage of workers in Saudi Arabia, GOSI or General Organization for Social Insurance. It is mandatory for all employers to contribute to the insurance and also deduct a certain percentage of salary for the insurance contribution. This has to be properly computed, collected and deposited in the relevant government treasury so workers or employees. Will get medical benefits when they fall ill or suffer accident injuries. This work can be outsourced to a consultant who will execute GOSI online registration on behalf of his clients or companies.

  • Public Relation Services & government duties

For an industry or business public relation is communicate with other businesses and government agencies. This service will interact with government departments, legislative bodies, media and interest groups. This not only keeps you with the mainstream but also keeps reminding people of your existence. These are mandatory services that a business may not be able establish its own PR service or department. There are rules and regulations implied by the government that a business or industry. Needs to comply with and send reports to relevant offices. The services provided by the consultant will include interacting. With Ministry of Interior (Passport Office), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, and Labor Office etc.

  • Transportation services

Transport is a must requirement in a business or industry as products and employees need to be moved. To various parts of the country or transport employees from home to workplace. By hiring private services for this purpose an organization will not only relinquish the responsibility. To a better  and capable provider but also save time and bother form the service.  It could be renting out vehicles with or without driver, executive travel, airport drops and pickups, air tickets, reservations and ticketing, and setting up of offices etc.

  • Outsourcing service

It is contracting certain duties or tasks to outside agencies. A corporate entity can save time, energy and resources by outsourcing their work to a third party service for a fee. This practical and economical and a business don’t have to infest on infrastructure, appoint employees and pay salary and perks.

  • Immigration services

This is one other important service that could help businesses in Saudi Arabia. The service includes all kinds of visa management, resident permits, visas, exit re-entry services, transfer of sponsorship, updating of employee information etc. These are special services that are best availed from an out source like a consultant agency. It is standard practice for companies established in Saudi. To recruit people from other countries and the outsourced service will take care of the transfer properly.

  • Human resource & support

Recruiting employees is a big task as it involves several formalities to complete before appointing. This Is a tedious process which is better handled by outside agencies such as human resources and supply. Recruitment requires advertising, application processing, interviews, screening, negotiations, medical checkups etc. And as business entity concentrating on productivity it may prove difficult task. But outsourcing the service to a third party consultant like Better Helpe, Saudi Arabia will be better and efficient. You can get in touch with the consultant on phone number or by mail.

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