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Pitambari Neelam: A Gemstone for Success and Prosperity

Pitambari, as the name suggests, is a rare sapphire that blends blue and yellow colours in varying amounts. This bi-colour sapphire is a member of the Corundum mineral family and is known for its blend of blue sapphire (Neelam) and yellow sapphire (Pukhraj). It portrays a perfect representation of Saturn and Jupiter according to Vedic astrology.

Pitambari stone is the most popular and highly recommended gemstone by astrologers and Vedic experts for anyone who wants to induce luck, finances, health, and social growth. Pitambari is a gemstone known for its vast momentum and channelize power to suppress the negative effects of Jupiter and Saturn while magnifying happiness.

How Does Pitambari affect one’s horoscope?

According to astrologers, if Saturn is in Jupiter’s or the Sun’s sign, wearing Pitambari or Pitambari Neelam could be magical and healing. This gemstone promises positive effects on health, wealth, and fortune. Moreover, the Pitambari stone brings fortune by building wealth and positive energy for those who have faced financial setbacks.

The following are a few of the advantages of wearing a Pitambari Neelam.

Nurture sound decision-making: Pitambari gemstone is associated with the slow-moving planets Jupiter and Saturn; its users turn to it to adopt a logical, steady, and disciplined approach to life. Pitambari Neelam, also known as Pukraj, gives its wearer karmic Saturn and the awareness of Jupiter.

Uplifts prominence and success Natural Pitambari gemstones purchased after connecting with an astrologer grant the wearer overwhelming fame and fortune.

Outstanding curative effects Pitambari is a regal gemstone with an aura to protect the wearer’s chakra dwelling from negative energy while adding prosperity and joy to life. This evil-eye blue gemstone also helps with vein and nerve disorders. It is a furious gemstone that enables us to gain control of our own emotions. It helps to absorb nutrients, holds fluid levels, and boosts your confidence and sense of worth.

When is the Best time to wear Pitambari?

To realise maximum benefits from Jupiter and Saturn in a favourable position in one’s Kundli, those born under the Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumba) rashis might be empowered by wearing a Pitambari gemstone. In addition, astrologers mostly recommend Pitambari after carefully examining the horoscope and planetary alignments; this is because Pitambari is an immensely powerful gemstone.

Pitambari: How to Put It On

It is a must to know how to energise a Pitambari gemstone before wearing it so that you can feel its amazing energy. Wearing natural Pitambari is good for one’s health and happiness if Jupiter and Saturn are in a precarious position in your birth chart.

The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual stresses of its wearer are also burned away with the Pitambari gemstone. Pitambari is auspicious to be worn on Thursdays or Saturdays at sunrise for optimum results. The ring must first soak in a mixture of Ganges water, milk, honey, ghee, and sugar before putting it on.

To invoke Shani Dev’s protection, light the five agarbatti monikers while reciting the mantra “OM GREEM GROOM SA GURUVEH NAMAH” 108 times. Astrologers also advise placing Pitmbari on a silver band and wearing it on either the third or fourth finger of the working hand.

Also, Ayurveda resonates with Pitambari as it heals fever, heart disease, or cough, and you may get some relief from their symptoms.

What aspects of production and storage affect Pitambari Neelam quality?

The key factors inducing a Pitambari’s quality are its colour, country of origin, and clarity. Consider these basics when searching for the finest authentic Pitambari gemstones available online.

The Pitambari Neelam, or Pitambari, is a kind of rare sapphire mined in limited quantities from Burma, Sri Lanka, the United States of America, Brazil, and other countries in East Asia. But Sri Lankan Pitambri is renowned for international praise for its profound clarity and distinct colour zoning.

Pitambari’s colour and clarity are also important aspects that determine its value. The quality of a stone is determined by its texture, intensity, and the relative amounts of yellow and blue in the stone. Neelambari refers to Pitambari Neelam gemstones that are blue in tone, while Pitambari refers to those that are primarily yellow with only a hint of blue.

The final verdict is that it is the ultimate truth that you can embellish yourself with a natural Pitambari gemstone to boost emotional and physical health, uplift wealth, and fill your heart with delight. Navratan is also a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality Pitambari gemstone.

At Navratan, we provide authentic and certified gemstones with complete natural, unheated, and untreated processes that rejuvenate confidence and optimism to face off problematic unfavourable planetary conditions. Explore interesting facts about gemstones at our website

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