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Reasons Kugoo Electric Bike is The Most Convenient Option

kugoo electric bike

Kugoo Electric Bike is the most convenient, lightweight, and efficient option for people who want a practical and fun way to commute. The electric scooter has a range of 80 km on one battery charge, contains no gasoline engine or heavy components, and rides like an e-bike but with a smoother pedal assist. We’ve stood out from our competitors by putting the customer first rather than just selling products. We at HoverBoard Pro offer incredible customer service, product support, and warranty options, which have earned the trust of our clients and partners.

kugoo uk

Features of Kugoo Electric Bike That Make it Different

1. Battery Life

Kugoo Electric Bike is designed with a battery life of up to 80 km on a single charge. That provides riders with the freedom and convenience they need while commuting. The device can be charged anytime and anywhere, allowing you to charge it conveniently at work and home. The capacity of the batter is up to 48V/21Ah (1008 WH). 

2. Speed & Range

The first thing that comes to mind when considering an electric bike is its speed capabilities. While a traditional bike is limited to 25 km per hour, the Kugoo Electric Bike has a maximum speed of 55 km/h (34mph). It allows you to cover distances faster than conventional vehicles, and no traffic or hills will slow you down.

3. No gears

Traditional bikes require gears to change speed. It is inconvenient, especially when riding in a crowded area or when you have rain, cold, or other factors hindering the bike’s drivetrain. It can be very frustrating to ride in a traffic jam and not be able to go faster. With Kugoo UK, you can click the button and increase your speed without changing gears.

4. Brakes

Kugoo UK Electric Bike incorporates the latest braking technology to ensure optimal safety while riding and commuting. The Disc Brakes for the front & rear are very effective and strong, and the Emergency Brake is a foldable lever to ensure you fully control the bike. The powerful engine can be engaged at any time and disengaged by just pushing the brake lever.

5. Designed for Comfort

Kugoo Electric Bike is designed with a comfortable and ergonomic seat with suspension springs to provide the best comfort without straining your back and knees. The frame is built with high-quality aluminum alloy, a lightweight and sturdy material that can withstand the stress and rigors of daily use. This Electric Bike also features a digital screen that displays battery life, speed, distance traveled, and other important information.

6. Safety & Other Features

Kugoo UK Electric Bikes offers all riders the highest safety and convenience, ensuring you can stay safe regardless of where you are riding or the terrain. It can take up to 150kg of weight and features disc brakes for the front and rear and a manual braking system. 

7. Efficient & Eco-Friendly

Kugoo Electric Bike is designed to help you save on fuel costs, which is good for the environment because it helps reduce pollution. The battery can be charged using a 1500W charger that can be used to charge a car or other vehicle.

8. Value for Money

Kugoo Electric Bike offers great value for money and a cost-effective solution for those looking for a practical and efficient commute. It’s one of the most affordable electric scooters on the market.


HoverBoard Pro is a source for Kugoo UK Electric scooters. We provide the best and most affordable price for everyone. We do the best for our customers and always try to get along with them. Our team always tries its best to satisfy all our customers.

Electric Scooter Kugoo

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