Should You Play Don’t Starve Or Don’t Starve Together


Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together are mostly the same game, but there are a few key changes that make them feel like two different games.

Don’t Starve is an independent game in which players try to stay alive in The Constant and find their way home. There’s never a dull moment because you can play as many different characters, there are dangers around every corner, and the world changes every time you play. This game is even more fun because there is another game called Don’t Starve Together that is just like it. During sales, these two games are often sold together as a bundle. But most of the time, people who want to try it have to choose between these two games.

Still, it can be hard to know which one to buy. Even though they are basically the same game, there are some major differences between them. Check out these major differences between the two Don’t Starve games to figure out which one to buy. When comparing these two games, keep in mind that this is all about the base games.

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