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Simple Living Room Design Ideas That Can Make Your Space Look Bigger

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If you are renewing your living room interiors you should stick to a minimalistic approach as it will spare more space for movement besides housing attractive interior decoration accessories. In a nutshell, you can explain minimalistic as simplicity. It declutters the living room and creates new spaces that can be put to good use or simply expand sitting areas. This is a philosophy depicting “less is more” and the idea is embraced by the urban homes wholeheartedly because it is visually appealing and emotionally calming. Consulting a modern interior designer Dubai will dispel your apprehensions and arrive at a cost-friendly living Room Design interior.

Here are a few living room ideas that could inspire you to decorate your living room with minimal interior decoration elements.

·         Introduce wood that looks like leather

Using wood that looks and feels like leather is a good living room interior design idea you can integrate. This is the simplistic interior decoration that moist European homes introduce in their living rooms. Buying solid wood may be costly and not fit all budgets.

You can go for engineered wood or veneer finish to obtain the classic look. Veneer can give you the dark wood minus veins classic looks and a feel that is simply leather and seamless. A minimal home with a minimal living room can use to gain maximum effect.

·         Bare is beautiful

Keeping your walls bare and simple you can create an interior design that is greatly appealing. You should pick dark colors to engineer the effect and contrasting furniture pieces to compliment the bare wall theory. You can throw a few blankets on a newly acquired couch with colorful cushions to add to the accent. 

Use neutral colors for styling such as a grey carpet that runs along the walls in beige. You can mix and match patterns to find the perfect blend and make the most of it to enhance the living room looks. Also, add a metallic floor lamp next to the sofa and use contrasting patterns

The moody charcoal grey of the couch perfectly complements the grey carpet along with the beige walls behind. You can also mix and match with patterns. For instance, the arched metallic floor lamp next to the fuller couch adds some contrasting patterns and dimensions to the room.

·         Create living rooms that exude warmth

The simplistic approach to your interior decoration aspirations is to mix and match elements at the core. Just wooden flooring and furniture can create a minimalistic interior design. Warmth is taken care of by the wood floor, which is aptly matched with minimalistic furniture. 

By placing a white floor fixture or chair in the corner will contrast with the checkered pattern rugs on the floor. Keep an angular shelve in the corner and a low-height couch against the wall can free up ample space. When you add up these addends you will invent a simplistic living room that offers more space while looking classy.

·         Free floor space can make the living room look bigger

Keeping your living room uncluttered will create more empty space that you can use for greater movement especially when you are entertaining half a dozen guests. Simplistic interior design ideas work brilliantly because they make your minimal available space for maximum usability. By removing an extra table or chair, settee, or ottoman you can obtain more space which obviously makes the living interior will appear spacey. You can place a floating TV unit on the opposite wall and create the illusion of having more space. Modern interior design company in Dubai will free up more space in your living room than expected.

·         Can minimalistic design living rooms be decorated?

Yes, they can be decorated by using contrasting paint colors on the walls and ceiling. It has always been non-ornamental with a simplistic approach but they are not all together without decoration. Textures play a big part in making the simplistic living room look and you can use neutral colors and accented tones as decoration for your living room. You can highly accentuate the appeal of your walls by manipulating textures. An angular couch accompanied by a textured rug and sheer curtains and black curtains can create an ornamental or decorative appearance. It should be noted that minimalism is not all about white and grey, but also about adding toned-down colors such as mentioned above and textures. 

It goes well with you if you are low budget

Simplistic or minimalistic living rooms are not as costly as highly ornamental and decorative living rooms. Best thing about this interior design concept is that you feel easy and breathe. Easily because of its ability to make rooms look bigger and more spacious. 

Another important thing about minimalistic interior design is that it won’t make you spend more money like the regular ornamental living rooms that stuff too many interior design elements in them. For aesthetically pleasing minimalistic interior design living rooms at affordable costs contact Rym Turki, the best modern interior designer in Dubai on a phone number or to get an instant response and a free quote.