Studies or Sports, What To Choose?

Studies or Sports
Studies or Sports

Education is hard, and sports are hard, but choosing between the two is the hardest part. All sports person in India has faced this dilemma at some point in their lives – no matter at what level they have played the sport. On the one hand, you have education, which is the conventional and safe route to pursue and on the other hand the love for the sport with a hope to make it big there, so how do you choose?

Parents are naturally worried about the future of their children. So, they wish to admit their child to the best school. The best school means where a child can get an education and sports education too. One of the leading best school in howrah is Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah. It is highly known for its amazing facilities and services. A good and proper education is very important for the students of our county. Likewise, sports are also very much important. Sports develop physical and mental strength in students. Daily physical exercise is essential for students because exercise not only helps students to stay healthy but it also helps to improve emotional fitness.

Sports are a major part of the school curriculum because it helps to teach various skills to students like leadership, patience, team efforts, and social skills. Here are some points why studies are important.

  1. Students can become literate and responsible – Studies are very much important for anyone. This is how people can become literate and responsible. Teachers of the best english medium school in howrah always try to teach their students how to become responsible citizens of the country.
  2. Maintains discipline and punctuality- Education and a good school just like Howrah English medium school also teaches students punctuality and discipline to the students.

Here are some points why sports are important in schools –

  1. Stay healthy – Sports help students to stay healthy. If students do daily physical activities, then it helps them to avoid unwanted illnesses. Nowadays students eat a lot of junk food which is not suitable for their health. So to stay healthy sports is essential for students.
  2. Good fitness level – Nowadays, students eat a lot of junk food, and they gain fat at a very young age. So to reduce fatness sports activities are very important for students. Sports activities avoid the formation of excess fat, and students stay fit and slim.
  3. Develop leadership skills – In sports activities, students not only play the role of team players but sometimes they also have to play the role of leader. Knowing that they have to lead the team will boost their leadership qualities.
  4. Positive mentoring – During sports activities, every sportsperson is encouraged by their parents, coaches, and support staff for achieving success. This positive mentoring will also help students in other phases of their life. Students will learn to perform better and achieve success in their life.
  5. Boost emotional fitness – Physical activities help students to refresh their minds and create happiness in them. Sports also help students to stay cheerful and emotionally fit by reducing stress and mental depression.
  6. Develop social life – Sports also develop the social life of students. When students are part of any sports team, so it helps them to interact with many people of different ages. It’s easier for students to make new friends and respect the difference with an open mindset.


Hope this article benefited you a lot. Hence, you got to know about the importance of studies and sports. Hope this article was useful and informative. Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is known as the leading best school in howrah.

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