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The History of MasterChef Australia: From Inception to Present


The wait is over because MasterChef season 15 is here! While the season arrives, you all must be wondering about MasterChef and its long history of 15 years. Let’s go back the memory lane and look at the history of this worldwide famous cooking show with millions of fans to know more about its evolution from inception to present


MasterChef Australia was adapted from the original British version of the show and made its debut on Australian television on April 27, 2009. Our first set of some very amazing judges were Sarah Wilson, Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston. The show’s format revolved around amateur chefs competing in various culinary challenges, aiming to get their hands on the trophy. Ever since its start, the show became famous not only amongst the Australian but worldwide!

Early Seasons

MasterChef Australia’s early seasons were filled with turns and twists, the electrifying energy of contestants and the expertise of judges garnered widespread acclaim and attracted a large audience. The show’s popularity also increased by the diverse range of contestants, their impressive culinary skills, and the engaging dynamics among the judges. The show also became an inspiration for many as people started following recipes made

Format Changes and Success (2013-2019):

To keep the show exciting for the audience and challenging for the contestants MasterChef Australia underwent several format changes and introduced new elements. These changes included introducing celebrity chef challenges, team challenges, and the replacement of judges. George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan, and Matt Preston were the judges of the show until the end of Season 11 in 2019.

Renowned Alumni and International Success

MasterChef Australia has produced numerous talented cooks who have gone on to establish successful culinary careers. Many contestants from the show have become well-known chefs, cookbook authors, and television personalities. The program’s international success led to the creation of spin-off shows in countries such as the United States, India, and the United Kingdom.

New Era and Present

In 2020, MasterChef Australia underwent very vast changes. The show moved to Network Ten’s sister channel, Network 10, and experienced a judging panel overhaul. Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Matt Preston departed from the show which was a shock for every fan, however, some very amazing judges Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen were introduced. The new era of MasterChef Australia was met with positive reviews and continued to captivate audiences with its compelling culinary challenges and heartfelt stories.

2023- We Miss Jock Zonfrillo

2023 shattered our hearts into many million pieces due to the demise of one of our favourite judges Jock Zonfrillo. While his expertise made the show better and appealing, we are sad that we would not get to see him anymore. His absence is surely going to be felt!

Success and Continued Popularity

MasterChef Australia remains a rating powerhouse and continues to attract a large viewership. The show has managed to maintain its status as a highly respected cooking competition by showcasing diverse cuisines, highlighting unique flavors, and emphasizing the personal journeys of its contestants. The format of the show has evolved, incorporating more contemporary cooking styles and culinary trends, which makes the show even more interesting and challenging

Wrap Up

MasterChef Australia, the iconic cooking show that has been captivating audiences for 15 years, has had an incredible journey from its inception to the present. Starting with a fantastic trio of judges and a format that had amateur chefs battling it out, the early seasons set the stage for the show’s widespread acclaim. Over the years, there have been format changes, new judges, and even spin-off shows around the world. While there have been some heartbreaks along the way, MasterChef Australia’s success and continued popularity can be attributed to its diverse contestants, mouthwatering dishes, and the thrill of culinary competition that keeps us hooked season after season. Watch MasterChef Australia with Watch in UK and immerse yourself in the world of culinary delights.

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