Top 5 Features of Elation EMR Software

Elation EMR
Elation EMR

Elation Health EMR is an Electronic Health Record (EHR), designed for medical practices that provide primary and long-term healthcare. The program is available to small, medium, and single healthcare institutions. Clinicians can use the Elation EMR system to improve their quality of care by making it easy for them to complete daily documentation. The ONC-ATCB-certified system includes many capabilities, including patient scheduling, documentation, compliance tracking and patient portal. In addition to EHR services, the program offers Practice Management and Medical Billing.

Elation Health EMR software offers a simple interface that allows doctors to quickly access client information and view a complete picture about the patient’s history. Evaluations and SOAP notes can be quickly retrieved during a patient’s appointment to address serious and chronic issues. Securely storing, sharing, and receiving patient data can be done. This could be used for consultation, cooperation, referrals, and other purposes. This allows doctors to work more efficiently while still being informed and avoids the need for repeated data entry.

This article will discuss the top Elation EMR Features you should check out during your Elation EMR demo. To find out Elation EMR Cost, however, you’ll need to contact the vendor.

Top Elation EMR Features

Improve Patient Engagement with Patient Portal

Elation clients love the Elation client website features. According to Elation EMR assessments, clients and physicians can interact in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner. It stores the client’s medical history and current medications, immunization information, test results, diagnoses, as well as other information. Clients can access the information they require online in a safe manner. This client interface is easy to use by clients. They can schedule appointments, request medicine refills, view statements, and pay their bills. This interface reduces workplace disruptions and saves employees time and money.

Patients don’t have to wait for doctors to see them during office hours. They can access the cloud-based feature anytime and anywhere they are connected to the internet. Clinicians can use this client portal feature to encourage client communication. They can call the facility immediately to get important information about market legislation and reward programs. This will allow you to manage your tasks efficiently and increase the productivity of all your employees.

To streamline documentation procedures, use the charting tool

The application includes a wide variety of charting and detailed documentation. The application comes with a variety of templates that can be customized to meet your needs. These templates are useful for therapists to follow certain regulatory and coding restrictions. This allows them to quickly document client encounters. It is possible to reduce the time spent documenting and focus instead on improving the medical outcomes of your clients.


Charting is the program’s billing component. It also keeps track of every client visit. This will allow you to automate your billing and all your documentation. The medical templates can be used to automate the completion of the meeting form. This saves time for your staff and ensures that customers’ information is correctly recorded and properly paid for.

Electronic Prescriptions for Convenience

Electronic prescription capabilities are another popular feature of the Elation EMR system. EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances), has certified the software. This allows practitioners to confidently create and deliver digital prescriptions. EPCS makes sure that the right drugs are given to the right people at the right times. Medical errors such as drug and medication errors can be minimized. This improves patient outcomes. Because of its online presence, Elation EMR has become one of the most important EMRs for urgent care.


The digital refilling of prescriptions by doctors is possible, which makes the process much easier. This feature makes prescriptions more efficient, safer, and cheaper for customers, pharmacies, and institutions. This feature should be fully explored during the Elation EMR demo.

Telehealth Capabilities for Everyone

We’d like to talk about the telehealth capabilities of Elation EMR. Zoom is used to conduct HIPAA-compliant video coaching sessions. This feature can be integrated into your EHR and obviate the need for separate systems for online care consultations. If customers are working in small groups, this system will collect all the information they need for their online consultations. This system simplifies digital healthcare billing by reducing the amount of code and documentation. This is a great feature of Elation EMR system.

To optimize the whole process, Client Scheduling is essential

A client scheduling strategy is a key part of providing high-quality healthcare services. To create a client scheduling strategy that works, it is important to understand the client’s needs and to establish appropriate techniques. A well-organized and straightforward appointment scheduling policy increases client confidence and improves the yield cycle.

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This feature allows the front desk to manage all scheduling obligations. You can schedule sessions and reschedule them quickly, verify client contact information, validate customer qualifications, collect copays, and check customer credit in just a few clicks. Each window shows whether the time is available immediately, limited or scheduled.

Last words!

Elation EMR software is an excellent medical software program. We recommend that you schedule an Elation EMR demo if you are considering Elation EMR Software. You’ll then be able see if the program has the capabilities you require. We recommend that you also read Elation EMR reviews. You will be able to gain a better understanding of the opinions and experiences of other users about the product. You might find out which features are most popular by reading reviews. Once you have done your research, you can contact the vendor for more information about the implementation process.


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