Web design to increase customers

Web design to increase customers

How to attract more potential customers to your website?
How to convert the sales opportunities that visit your website into customers?

Web design is very important in the process of converting a visitor into a customer, since it is the first thing that the potential customer will come across, the visible face of our business that we could compare with the showcase of a physical store.

To make online sales in our business we must answer two simple questions:

How to attract more potential customers to your website?

How to convert the sales opportunities that visit your website into customers?

To attract sales opportunities to the web, it would be done with a good job of online marketing, but how to convert that marketing job into real sales, that is what we analyze in this article, giving the guidelines to be able to achieve it. It is not about producing a website with a beautiful appearance, but it has to be in line with what you want to achieve, which is usually a conversion in the form of an email, a purchase, clicking on some ads, etc. As the Americans say, when it comes to marketing they invent everything, a website must comply with three simple rules in order to be able to sell, taking into account that there is no physical person who can convince the potential customer of the wonders of our product, these must be followed three rules: vision, confidence and what the Americans call “call to action”, the call to action.

Vision: The importance of the web interface

A website has to be attractive, enter through the eyes, with that we have already taken an important step.

When we talk about web design we use a series of terms and one of the most used is the web interface, which is nothing more than the graphic elements that make up the web in its visible part, what the end user sees and interacts with. .

The idea is that the web interface should be beautiful, clear and simple , since the objective is none other than that the reader can navigate through all the contents without difficulty, with buttons that allow them to go from one section to another without getting lost.

In short, with the web interface the user experience is improved, which is increasingly important in SEO positioning , since a website with poor “usability” will generate a lot of bounce, which people close it a few seconds after opening it and enter another

Confidence: There are tricks in order to increase conversion

It may seem that designing a web interface is simple, as it is enough that it is clear, that it has a button to return to home, links to the different sections or categories, but it is much more complicated than it seems.

Here we are going to have to combine web design with conversion, because a very beautiful website with an excellent design is useless, if there is no conversion , which is what will make us earn money.

In this aspect, well-placed trust on the web is the second vital step in selling online. Confidence is achieved by putting different things that show that we are someone real, that we exist, either by saying that we have been around for so many years or that we have a store on the street, or that our clients are from different brands, even putting a brief description of the company. The issue is that you have to know how to place trust, it must go after the vision because it is useless for us to put it in the footer or after the services because we still do not have that trust.

Call to action (CTA): Calls to action that are always visible

When designing a landing page or landing page, it must have a call to action or CTA that is visible, as they help to make the conversion.

Sometimes, the call to action is placed in a place that is less visible, perhaps to improve the design or to make it not seem a bit aggressive, but this is a mistake when what we want are conversions.

For this reason, the CTA should never be hidden , placed in the middle of the page or relegated to the end, but it must be seen from the beginning and even anchored or placed so that the user can see it at all times in order to remind them what to do.

Choosing the right colors is important

Before starting with the web design of a landing page, it is normal to meet with the client in order to agree when creating an interface, in which they usually ask us that the colors that we use are those of the business.

This is an error, because here we want conversions, so we can use color theory, which says that color influences people’s subconscious and their purchasing decision.

With this theory we can choose the colors, but the truth is that the striking ones like red or orange work very well , especially if they stand out from the rest of the design.

Highlight what is relevant with short sentences

A trick that is used a lot when you want a conversion is to give something in return. For example, if we want them to leave us an email, we can offer a free ebook that will reach that email.

Today users do not give their data just like that, so we must highlight the benefits they will obtain by downloading that ebook, and for this we can place what in the Anglo-Saxon world are called “bullet points”.

They are short phrases with icons, images and everything we can think of to capture the user’s attention and get them to make the decision to leave us their email.

Multimedia content is essential

Gone is that initial website in which the text was what predominated, seasoned with some links that stood out with their blue color.

It is true that the text is still important, but the multimedia elements must be present, and in many cases they are the ones that will make the difference, the ones that will achieve the conversion.

Continuing with the example of the ebook that we can offer, we will have to put images, make a video about what this book gives us and even record some testimonials that talk about how downloading the ebook has helped them.

This makes the user trust more and decide to give us their email to receive the book and subsequent commercial communications.

simple forms

The form is nothing more than the part of the web interface in which the user gives us his data and here you have to play with simplicity, avoiding asking for too many, which will scare him off.

In fact, it is best to request only a name and an email , for which you have to make it very easy, with a text that says “name” and a blank space below and the same for the email, since otherwise there will be users who will not know what to put and we will lose the conversion.

Simplicity is usually best

In web design, the maxim “less is more” usually works, and this goes very well when creating a landing in which the objective is conversion.

It is even possible to focus on the calls to action, simplifying the page even more, eliminating all the usability components to navigate the web, because what matters here is getting the email .

You always have to remember that a landing has nothing to do with the rest of the pages, so the web design must be consistent, focused on that objective of converting above all else.

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