What is a Web Developer, designer and the programmer

The developer, the web designer and the programmer

The web designer is the cornerstone of good web development. Good designers are capable of making a web page retain the visitor and increase visits.

But, what evolution have web designers had in recent times?

The developer, the web designer and the programmer

The title reminds us a bit of the mythical movie ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’. Jokes aside, gone are those times when each member of a project was dedicated solely to her work.

Web designers normally came from the world of paper, where they made their sketches that were later transferred into beautiful Photoshop compositions. The problem is that they did not know how to transfer their works to the frameworks with the consequent lack of usability and limitations.

Unfortunately, other designers were dedicated to looking at third-party pages. They copied them, despite having to use more resources than the account. As a result, they had web pages with usability, accessibility and very slow failures. Unfortunately, there are still some designers like that out there.

It is true that at the beginning of web design , many aspects that are essential today were not taken into account: accessibility , SEO positioning , bounce rate , etc. Later, with the strong influence of organic positioning in the list of search engine results, there would be a drastic turn.

New generation of web designers and programmers

At present, the new web designer as well as programmers know very well the environment in which they work. Programmers and developers , in addition to perfectly knowing their tools and languages , have to know the basic principles of web design .

It is essential that both designer and developer know in depth concepts such as:

  • Information architecture.
  • Usability.
  • Accessibility.
  • seo positioning
  • Security.

Well, these principles must be taken into account from the beginning of the approach of a new project.

They are not knowledge that is acquired quickly, they require time and extensive experience. Being an expert in accessibility and/or SEO positioning requires a lot of dedication, training and work.


As a result of a good application of the above, we will have the famous UX (user experience). It is about assessing how people feel when operating with a website (happy, frustrated, etc.). It is important to analyze the behavior of users, how they access information, where they leave and many more processes.

What does a web designer do?

Now that we know how the web designer has evolved, it is worth highlighting what function it performs today.

In addition to knowing the exposed concepts, a web designer has to know exactly the code used in each project. Depending on the nature of this or its objectives, one system or another should be used. In general, for a corporate website, online store or search for a presence on the internet, the designer will use PHP . It is the language par excellence of the web, as it is an interpreted system, it serves the pages very quickly .

Surely, in many cases, the client will hire a designer for WordPress or another content manager. If so, still, you have to have knowledge of the code, even though these managers make development much easier. A WordPress expert who knows the code in depth, rather than a simple tool manager, will always be finer when looking for results.

Process for a perfect web design

The first of all is to bring the client and the designer closer so that the latter can soak up the idea of ​​the project.

Depending on the size of the project, more than one day may be spent holding meetings (the active parties).

The next step, look for ideas that add utility to the design . A good start is to rely on the corporate design of the logo or brand. Whenever possible, the client will provide the designer with the style guide.

Once the fundamental objective of the web page has been identified, the designer will continue with the starting theme.

By keeping in mind the main theme, the following basic decisions will be easily assimilated, colors for the backgrounds, typography, etc.

In addition, it is very helpful to have a complete map of all the pages that will make up the website as soon as possible.

Depending on the chosen web design , priority will be given to starting with the header, body and footer. While some designers start with subpages, the norm is to start with the home page.

Both designer and developer and/or programmer will establish the criteria to display the information. This is a very important part, since it will determine the speed of work.

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