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What To Look For In A Specialized Mobile DSP Partner?

Through a single interface, advertisers may buy and manage digital ad inventories from several ad exchanges using a demand-side platform (DSP). With the help of a variety of tools, a DSP partner enables mobile apps in delivering in-app marketing campaigns.

Working with a DSP has a number of significant benefits:

Increase your pool of resources: Even though your selection of UA sources is extensive, you could always add more options. Especially if you typically just employ the sources that are most often used. You can broaden and extend your portfolio while keeping control of the targeted audience by working with the right Mobile DSP.

Add new skills: The talent shortage in the sector is nothing new. In fact, almost 40% of marketing professionals believe it to be the main obstacle to the expansion of their mobile programmatic initiatives. Even if your in-house team is doing a wonderful job, DSPs offer a shortcut for firms searching for new creative ideas and working hands. Even if you have a fantastic in-house data science team, the best approach to make the most of their expertise is to collaborate with a powerful DSP.

Modify your strategy: DSPs provide a more precise approach to user acquisition, especially when estimating user LTV to cost.

Boost your bottom line: Working with the proper DSP can help you cut costs and better utilize your money, by providing more streamlined and customized work operations.

RTB (real-time bidding)

In the world of VR marketing Ads are served by DSPs using automated real-time bidding (RTB) technology. It literally takes less than 200 milliseconds (For comparison, one eye blink lasts about 300 milliseconds) for the entire process, which involves placing a bid on inventory and participating in an automated auction. Through the faster process and targeting capabilities of RTB, advertisers may reach a wider audience. Advertisers can access a wider range of ad inventories in this way by employing a DSP without adding any more management burden.

The Benefits of working with a specialized DSP

The ecosystem for mobile gaming is distinct. Of course, omnichannel DSPs can take care of the essentials, like access to high-quality, scalable inventory, campaign management, analytics, and bidding optimization. The role of the DSP has changed in the post-iOS 14 era, though, as the value of historical data and learnings has increased for campaign success. This means that the decision to partner with a specialized Mobile DSP that possesses audience-relevant, industry-specific data can make or break your marketing campaigns. Let’s go a bit deeper into this topic.

Important DSP services

Creative innovation and support-Ad creatives have grown in importance as a significant lever of control for advertisers to boost the performance of their campaigns, with the release of iOS 14.5. The ideal DSP partner should offer creative services, whether internally or via a third-party agency. They must conduct creative testing as well.

Model testing and machine learning-In the post-IDFA era, a competitive DSP must be able to power and test models utilizing contextual signals. Rather than deterministic signals from device IDs. The probabilistic models that form the basis of bidding strategies are driven by these signals. Additionally, specialized DSPs will be able to weigh signals appropriately to create ROAS-positive bidding models tailored to a particular target market.

Transparency and control-Any successful Mobile DSP places transparency at the core of their client relationships. Your team should have access to all bidding tactics through a DSP. And they should receive regular, simple-to-understand information on how well their campaigns are performing.

Flexibility and support-Like life, the evolution of advertising and apps can involve a lot of unforeseen changes. A good DSP will meet the needs of its partner by being flexible, supporting, and guiding. Whether it be operating system updates, policy changes, or unforeseen technical malfunctions.

Tips on picking the right DSP partner

Now that we’ve proved the necessity of a reliable DSP partner, here are some considerations to make when picking the best one for your company.

Examine their technology: Numerous DSPs offer their own, exclusive solutions, such as predictive modeling, DMP data augmentation, and other features. This increases their scaling and targeting capabilities. But in order to make sure it meets your objectives, it’s vital to look at which data parameter are used from the ad exchange information. Also, what the specific technology is focused on.

Many partners in the era of AI and machine learning within the VR marketing environment claim to have solutions based on these popular technologies. It’s important to analyze the specifics of these claims because some might merely be making overambitious predictions about the future.

Find a partner you can trust: Trust is the foundation of any successful partnership, but it is especially important for DSPs. Since you’ll be giving a third-party access to private information, you should safeguard it. Plus, avoid any harmful placement decisions that could affect the advertised brand.

Look for a Mobile DSP that has received glowing recommendations from other thought leaders in the industry. Review their data policy and pay special attention to how they approve content and placement. Don’t forget to investigate the DSP’s whitelist/blacklist strategy as well.

Recognize your partner’s limitations: Do you and your DSP partner exchange reports & insights? Does it contain the name of the publisher and information about the sub-publisher? Does the DSP use internal IDs that prevent results from being compared across different partners? Can you “slice” the report according to the creative resources? Will you only have access to the dashboard, or will you also have access to an API? Ask these questions, be aware of the limitations, and request a few sample reports. Do all this to have a better idea of how thorough and transparent the work is before starting a DSP journey.

The Nutshell

When you are certain of your target audience’s characteristics and the strategy you want to use to reach them, contact a DSP. As a result, the DSP’s targeting solutions would be more successful and effective. Working with the right DSP will assure success in your digital marketing campaigns on mobile devices.

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