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Why Do My Airpods Keep Disconnecting? Easy Fixes

My Airpods Keep Disconnecting
Listening to music or watching web series is the latest trend for smartphone users and the airpods with wire have gone away. All thanks to the efficiency of the Apple ecosystem that has made such the best sound & quality and an awesome look of the wireless ear pods. Nowadays everyone uses wireless AirPods to do the same and get enjoyment without carrying the cord. Unfortunately, you may face some unwanted glitches or bugs that may hinder the smooth functioning of your ear pods and you may get annoyed by it. No worries we are here with all the latest fixes for the AirPods keep disconnecting, issues. So, let’s get into it.

Causes of AirPods Keep Disconnecting, Issues

The range of wireless audio devices, like Bluetooth speakers, Airplay locations, and earpads are in great demand nowadays. But what if it stopped working properly, You need some instant fixes to get rid of the issue. The cause of disconnection may be an outdated device, faulty network settings, minor bugs and glitches. Whatever may be the cause, you are required to fix it immediately.

How to Fix the AirPods Keep Disconnecting Issue?

If you are facing my AirPods keep disconnecting issue, here are some common and easy ways to resolve the issue.
  1. Check the Airpods Battery Level
Begin with checking the battery status of your AirPods, as it is a wireless device that totally relies on the consumption of the battery. A low battery may cause the Airpods disconnecting issue. So, change the battery to a newer one and enjoy music seamlessly.
  1. Stabilize Bluetooth Connection
The performance of Airpods greatly depends on their Bluetooth connectivity with your iPhone. Make sure your AirPods are well connected with your device without any hindrance that may disturb it to connect like walls, other radio signals, and other radio signals. Different Bluetooth versions are suitable for different models of Airpods, such as Airpod Max uses, Bluetooth 5, or max version.
  1. Clean Your Airpods
Sometimes external dirt, wax, and moisture build-up may block the sensor and that may be the cause of AirPods keep disconnecting. So, you need to wipe it out to remove the interference between the AirPods and the Bluetooth. You can use a cotton swab or earbuds to make it dirt-free completely and it starts functioning properly.
  1. Minimize the Distance Between the Airpods and Your iPhone
The most common cause of AirPods not staying connected, maybe the distance between your phone and your AirPods. Moving away from your iPhone may hinder staying connected with it. So, keep the paired device wuthering a distance of 30 ft and you are good to go.
  1. Disable The Bluetooth and Reactivate it on your iPhone
Another simple way is to disable the Bluetooth on your iPhone for a while and reactivate it again. Minor bugs and technical glitches may be resolved by just doing so and you may get rid of the Issue and enjoy your desired music on your airpod. So, here we have provided you with some common tips to fix the AirPods keep disconnecting issue, you may try it first to get rid of the issue. For a more detailed guide you must visit the site once. Visit:
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