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Why Is Lakhmir Singh’s Review And Solutions As The Best Science Book For CBSE Students?

Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6

Science is part and parcel of one’s daily life. It provides the right reasons behind everything happening around us. Considering the importance, the subject is introduced to students in the very early phase of their educational journey. However, it is very important that the student is accessing the right book. Since science contains a significant amount of information, a book with an interesting approach won’t make learning boring.

Abiding by the tradition of Science, Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 helps with the right type of solutions in an easy-to-understand tone. The chapters and inbuilt concepts elaborated here are as per the latest CBSE and CISCE guidelines, helping with the correct answers.

About Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6

This book is written by Manjit Kaur and Lakhmir Singh and published by S. Chand Publishing. The language of the book is quite lucid, making it easy to understand for the students.  Various concept-wise illustrations are listed in the same, facilitating better understanding. Moreover, the available diagrams play a crucial role in retaining the attention of individual students, helping them start self-learning essential concepts.

Why Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6 Book?  

Right examples and proper explanation is necessary concepts as per one’s understanding. Owing to the easy-to-understand language and various concepts covered. Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6 book is a great hit. Also, there are more reasons to study from the same.

● Highlights Various Concepts

Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6 book has all the core concepts required to grasp the basics of Science. The author has covered components and sources of food, living organisms around us, shadows, lights, water, magnets and more. Thus helping students with a detailed understanding across multiple categories.   

● Written In An Easy To Understand Language

Based on the student’s understanding level and individual IQs in class 6, the authors have explained all the concepts most feasibly. Students will find it easy to understand even if it is a complex concept of distance and measurement.  

● Covers Multiple Illustrations

Science is all about examples and the right evidence backing up a statement. On such a note, the huge variety of illustrations and diagrams printed in the book helps students with easy learning. Most importantly, these colourful diagrams have everything labelled and organised for better understanding.

● Chapter Wise Exercises Make Learning Easy

Just like Mathematics, the concept of Science also needs students to focus on their critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. With chapter-wise exercises and activities listed in Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6 book, you get to grasp every concept correctly and make it through exams.   

Different Sections Covered in Lakhmir Singh Science Class 6

Here is a list of all the sections covered in Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6

  • Sources & Components Of Food

In sources & components of food, students learn about the various essential food varieties and their nutrient levels. This makes for better decision-making in one’s practical life.

  • Getting To Know Plants

Plants are an essential part of the living environment, helping humans and other organisms to breathe. Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6 book helps students unravel such marvellous illustrations of nature at a fundamental level.

  • Living Organisms And Their Surroundings

Other than human beings, the Earth is home to several other human beings. And all of these are rightfully explained in the book. Exercises at the end help students revise their learnings.  

  • Motion And Measurement Of Distances

Motion and measurements of distance help students in their daily life. They also learn about the distance between planets and the Earth’s gravitational pull.

  • Light, Shadows, and Reflections

The concepts behind light, shadows and reflections are pretty interesting, and it also helps students understand the natural phenomena of lightning and rain. A lucid language type elevates the understanding levels.

  • Electricity and circuits

Here, students learn about the various good and bad conductors of electricity. Also, the book, with various illustrious examples, makes them go through the pathway of a circuit diagram.

  • Water

Human beings can’t live without water, but given the rise in pollution levels, there is a steady decline in freshwater levels. With the correct type of education, students learn to use water cautiously.


S Chand Publication published Lakhmir Singh’s Science Class 6 book, available in a paperback style. The book, by covering all the core concepts of Science, makes it easy for students to understand the world around them. Also, at the end of each chapter, there are relevant exercises to help students with the revision task.

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