Will Car Wash Damage Be Covered by My Insurance?

Automobiles are valuable assets that need careful monitoring and upkeep to remain in good condition. Taking their cars to a car wash is one way that car owners keep them clean. Despite the fact that car washes are meant to be safe for vehicles, accidents can still occur and car wash damage is common. Will your insurance pay for car wash damage, is the question. We will examine the response to this query and give you all the details you require in this article.

Knowledge of Car Wash Damage

Any kind of damage to a car that happens during a car wash is referred to as car wash damage. It can range in severity from a few minor scratches to dents, chipped paint, or broken parts. Various factors, such as faulty car wash equipment, insufficient car wash maintenance, or human error, can result in car wash damage.

Complete Auto Insurance Protection

Natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and falling objects all frequently result in car wash damage, which is typically covered by comprehensive auto insurance. To make sure that car wash damage is covered by your insurance, you must, however, check with your insurance company.

Auto Insurance Coverage for Collisions

Car accident damage is frequently covered by collision insurance, including when the collision occurs in a car wash.

Auto Liability Insurance Protection

Damage from car washes is not covered by liability auto insurance, which only covers damage to another person’s car.

What to Do If Car Wash Damage Occurs to Your Vehicle

The first thing you should do if your car is damaged by a car wash is to take pictures of the damage. This will support your claim more effectively. Additionally, you must notify the manager of the car wash right away about the damage. If the damage is significant, get in touch with your insurance company and submit a claim.


In conclusion, any car can sustain damage from a car wash, so it’s critical to understand your insurance policy’s coverage. Depending on the type of coverage you have and the cause of the damage, your auto insurance policy may or may not cover car wash damage. It’s crucial to document the damage with photos, let the car wash manager know about it, and, if necessary, submit a claim to your insurance company. Car owners can lessen the possibility of damage to their vehicles by heeding the advice for preventing car wash damage. In order to ensure that you are covered in the event of car wash damage, it is crucial to understand the coverage offered by your insurance policy.

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